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3' Universal Metal Braid Replacement Grill Hose 

With Fuel Gage. 



• Fits Most Gas Grills

• Squirrel / Gnaw Proof

• Easy Read Gas Gage

• Durable / Flexible

• Amazon's Choice




Fits Most LP Gas

Grills,Patio Heaters

and Fire Pit Table​s

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Grill Hose

Introducing Your Ultimate BBQ Grill Hose Solution


Imagine a sunlit afternoon,

the aroma of grilling wafting

through the air, surrounded by

the laughter of family and

friends. But alas! Rodents,

particularly those pesky squirrels,

seem to have a penchant for ruining

these perfect BBQ moments by chewing

on your grill hoses.


These minor nuisances not only cost you in replacements but also pose a severe safety risk.


Shockingly, the U.S. Fire Administration highlights over 5,700 BBQ-related fires annually, causing fatalities and property losses amounting to a whopping $37 million.


Back in Summer 2005, I fell victim to this menace.


Despite detecting a gas leak and replacing the hose, those determined squirrels struck again. Desperate for a solution, my friend Josh, a master mechanic, stepped in. He innovated the "Grill Hose by Josh," ingeniously wrapping the hoses with layers of industrial-strength steel braid. A product so reliable, it promised to be the last replacement hose you'd ever buy.

Sadly, by 2022, many overseas suppliers began replicating this design, making it challenging for our humble USA-based business to thrive. Yet, this widespread adoption only proves how groundbreaking Josh's invention truly was - setting a new industry standard and prioritizing safety.



At, our mission remains unwavering. We aim to be your go-to guide, simplifying your search for the ideal BBQ grill hose replacement. Our platform hosts a plethora of affiliate links to top-notch suppliers like Amazon, eBay, and more, categorized by BBQ manufacturers for your convenience.

While our dream is to eventually launch our very own 'Made in America' Grill Hose by Josh, for now, we're dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect hose for your BBQ, Gas Grill, Turkey Fryer, and other equipment.




Considering an upgrade?

Check out the recommended

braided stainless steel grill

hose available on Amazon for

just $21.99.


I vouch for it based on my firsthand encounter with those relentless rodents!



Join our cause. If you're a USA manufacturer passionate about BBQ safety, we invite you to collaborate and help us make our dream a reality.



Thank you for choosing Together, let's keep the BBQ flame burning safely and efficiently.

C. Paul - Founder


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