How often should I replace my regulator or connector hose?

There is not any specific time for replacement as good quality regulators can last up to 5 years or even 10 in some cases. Rust on the regulator, damaged or leaked connector hose and changes in pressure level of the propane gas are a few signs it's time buy a replacement grill hose kit!


Why are the flame levels on my gas grill lower than normal?


If the flames on your gas grill are low even if on full blast, then there is clearly issues with the propane regulator, faulty control valve over the propane tank, leakage in the hose or in the burner connection. 

Time to do an inspection of the hose and that's probably were the issue is.


How do I know if the propane regulator is faulty?


A fault in the regulator or the bypass valve inside the regulator will result in either too high or too pressure in the gas flow. It can be observed and is evident through the flame levels on the grill when operating.


If there is physical damage then soapy water will bubble when put on the hose and regulator.


Is it okay storing my propane tank indoor?

No. It is highly recommended to keep the propane tank outdoors in an open space and on a leveled surface.


How do I disconnect propane tank from the BBQ grill?

Firstly, turn off the control or shut-off valve located on the top of the propane tank. Unscrew a hexagonal brass nut located near the burner and on one side of the gas hose. Once the nut is unscrewed, the disconnection is successful.


How do I test if there is any leakage of gas near my BBQ grill?

Use a soapy water to wipe all the connections with the help of a brush. This includes the burner and hose connection, control value and propane tank connection and the regulator connection. In addition, wipe the connector hose too as any small cut in it can lead to a leakage. Bubbles emerging through the soapy water are an indication of the gas leakage.


What tools do I need for replacing a connector hose or regulator of my gas grill?

Replacing a connector hose or the regulator is not so complex. Any homeowner or person having the physical ability to unscrew a nut can do it.


An adjustable wrench and optional Teflon tape can do the work, however, a vice-grip is also a good tool if the connector hose or the burner connections are sticky and you are finding it difficult to unscrew some nuts. 


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